by Tim Van Damme

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Fujifilm X100 Review/For Sale

First shot with the X100

All links to photo equipment in this post are Amazon Affiliate links; with a baby girl on her way all extra bits are welcome.

The Fujifilm X100 is a camera with character. Ever since it launched, I was fascinated with its retro design, crazy specs (custom light sensor and lens) and the reviews it got from photographers I look up to.

Especially the reviews intrigued me.

It seemed people both loved and hated this camera at the same time, which was so odd to me there was only one way to find out if it really lived up to the hype, so I bought one.

A quest to find a store that had the X100 in stock and $1400 later, I was ready to have a closer look at it.

Oh the fun I had.

Ballet Austin

Yes, the camera is a bitch to work with. The menu’s are so complicated you want to set them once and never having to deal with them again. They’re just so overly complicated. If you want the camera to focus in low light you’ll have to enable macro-mode (although Fuji improved this a lot with the latest firmware update). Saving a RAW image takes about 3-5 seconds before you can take another photo (disabling auto-preview speeds this up).

The Joneses

I could go on and on about all the little quirks of this camera, but honestly, it’s what makes it so attractive to use, it almost feels like you bond with it: The more you use it and get used to it, the more it’ll give you in return. In the end, almost every single photo I took with it was either perfect straight from the camera, or the quality was good enough for me to correct some lighting and colors in Aperture without an issue (I have yet to find a camera performing better in low-light conditions, it generates almost no noise at high ISO-values).

W Hotel

This camera made me a better photographer. It made me understand what I need from a camera.

But it’s time for me to part ways with it and give someone else the opportunity to be mentored by it, so I’m selling it.

I’ll miss carrying around this compact, powerful camera, but want to simplify my current setup now that we’re expecting a baby girl in our life soon. I’m gonna stick with my Canon 7D, using my trusty Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L, and saving up money for this Canon EF 24mm f/1.4 L USM II for (baby) portraits.

The camera is in perfect condition and comes with all original accessories in the original packaging. If you’re interested in buying this camera from me, or have some more questions, feel free to mail me at tim at mywellknownnickname dot be.

Update: Sold.