by Tim Van Damme

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What do you want to learn from me?

Been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now. Some advice from a mentor and Mandy Brown’s article convinced me to pull the trigger.

This industry is built on people helping people.

When I started out designing websites, I’d email those who pioneered the craft. The questions I asked them feel trivial today, but the fact that 90% of the emails I sent out got a helpful reply helped me turn this passion I had into a real job. Through a lot of hard work and some luck, I’m now living a life I couldn’t even dream of a decade ago.

This experience of people helping out others has inspired me to give back to the community as much as possible. Responding to emails, grabbing coffee or lunch with whoever asks, reaching out to students proactively… It never feels like work.

Mandi Brown is better with words than I am:

I think mentoring is something we can do for each other regardless of our respective levels of experience.

But it’s hard to scale, which is why I’m doing this: Email me at with whatever questions you have. I’ll keep an eye on incoming questions and will try to group them around certain topics. Once an interesting topic emerges, I’ll write about it on this blog. That way I hope to build up some sort of resource for those who are starting and/or struggling in this industry.

This isn’t an ego thing; I know far from everything, but I have been doing this for over 10 years, and have made lots and lots of mistakes others shouldn’t need to repeat.

I’ve chosen this structure of you asking me questions (instead of me just blogging away) because I have no idea what you want to learn.

In the span of one life it’s impossible to learn everything, but we can cheat by sharing what we’ve learned so far.